Hello there!

I am Full Stack Web Developer passionate about building fast and secure web applications using React and Node.js. I am also an amateur hardware enthusiast and Lo-fi music fanatic.

What I love the most about being a full stack web developer is that I get to work on all aspect of a project. From infrastructure to build to deployment, I get my hands dirty every step of the way and see everything magically unfold.
- Charles E. Loubao

A little bit about me

For as long as I remember I have always been passionate about computers. At the age of 16 years old I decided to learn how to code and a whole new world opened to me. Since then I spent years tinkering with multiple technologies from mobile development to native desktop apps development and finally decided to settle on full stack web development. These days I work as a software engineer for the State of Delaware. I also design, build and launch my own products and help entrepreneurs and companies bring their visions to market as a freelancer.

HTMLCSSJavaScriptReact.jsNext.jsNode.jsMongoDBMysqlPostgreSQLFirebaseDockerDevOpsConsultingSoftware ArchitectureDatabase designPizza eating 🍕Coffee Drinking ☕

Featured Projects


Internal tool for the State of Delaware allowing internal apps and authorized vendors to interface with the State"s ArcGIS private and public datasets.


A "plugin" that extends the Ghost blogging platform by adding the ability to create custom fields

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