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In October 2020 I started a digital agency. At Eleven95 we build websites and apps for small business and entrepreneurs. Due to COVID 19, many small businesses had to close their doors. They had to pivot and get their operations running online. Our goal is to help those businesses reach new customers and adapt to stay competitive. As an entrepreneur myself, I also want to help others make their software ideas come to life. We collaborate with them to design and build apps for their target customers.

Because the company is still new, I don't have many projects to show under it's portfolio. To showcase my company's portfolio I have decided to add my two other SaaS projects as featured projects: Gaspr.io and PageMarker. We are working with other entrepreneurs so very soon we will have more to show.

The landing page at https://www.eleven95.co

Doing things the right way

With my freelancing side business I wanted to make things "official" by establishing a separate company. Why? For liability reasons and also because it makes me accountable as a business owner. Having a separate legal entity makes you learn the financial and administrative side of running a business as well as interacting with clients. I separated my finances from business and now I am able properly track how the business is doing. Because Eleven95 is a separate entity, I am also learning digital marketing, which is an essential skill to have as a business owner.

Having fun with vector graphics

I also had the opportunity to design a logo from scratch using Inkscape. I am by no mean a graphic designer but I was able to learn the basics of creating a logo, picking colors that work together and being creative.

Official logo
My business card

Other information

Tech stack

  • - Next.js
  • - Tailwind CSS
  • - Vercel


  • - WebStorm
  • - InkScape

Color palette

Fun fact(s)

Eleven95 is my birth month and year: November 1995

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